Criminal Law

If you ever find yourself with the need for someone to fight your corner in a criminal matter, then count on RS Solicitors to give the best legal practice.

We deal with all sorts of criminal matters.

* Fraud

* Assault / ABH/ GBH

* Serious crimes

* Theft/ burglary/robbery

* Shoplifting

* Manslaughter

* Motoring Offences

* Proceeds of crime

* Bail applications


* road traffic offences

* speeding,

* drink driving,

* driving without insurance,

* causing death

Police Station

Whether you have been called for questioning with or with caution, arrested under caution. You can always ask for a legal representative to be present during tour interview with the police. Being at the police station can be an unpleasant and overwhelming experience. A solicitor or accredited police station representative can protect your interests and has the experience to make sure the police are acting in accordance with your rights.

Ask for RS Solicitors at the police station and we will represent you right away. What happens at the police station can determine the course of any subsequent prosecution and it is of the utmost importance that decisions are made with care and good advice.

What we say can help to prevent a night in the cells, or even a visit to court.

If you have a family member or friend who has been arrested you can ask us to help. You can contact us on our emergency police station number 07877818354*.

Give us a call on 01865 604278, or contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

We can also inform you if you're entitled to legal aid as well as give you an estimate for our services if legal aid is not available. Call us today if you want a quote for our criminal law services.


Every case, from the smallest shoplifting to the most violent and serious offence such as murder or Serious Fraud, they all go through the Magistrate’s court. RS solicitors have a well-respected and renowned team that will defend you all the way, without holding back, whatever charge you face. We ensure to guide you through every aspect of your case, whilst giving give the highest quality of representation and expertise.

Crown Courts

RS solicitors work with a tough and dedicated team of barristers and case-workers. As we are involved with our clients cases from the beginning of their cases and through to the conclusion, so do not miss out on anything. Our clients are represented throughout their case with a consistently high quality service. We provide an individually tailored service, designed to meet the requirements of the type of case that is at hand. We also instruct specialist barristers or Queen’s Council in those circumstances where the needs arise, simply because we believe in providing the best possible service to you.