Family Law

Divorce and financial settlements

In these types of cases the mixture of emotion, administrative burden and financial uncertainty are sometimes overwhelming. Our job is to help you lessen the stress by giving you realistic and specialist advice on how best to manage the situation.

The process involves letting you know where you stand and explain the legal process, from filing your petition for divorce or civil partnership dissolution. If preferred, we can keep the process administrative, which avoids the need for petitioners to attend court.

Arrangements for children and child protection

We understand that such matters can be very upsetting and stressful, especially with the emotional bond that children have with parents and other relatives. The law considers the welfare of the child as the primary objective.

We offer advice through every aspect in these matters, and give you all the options you could possibly take along with the best ones for you to take. Provide an individually tailored service, designed to meet your needs. Whether you are a parent or relative trying to organize contact/residence of a child, negotiate an agreement or have issues with social services or any other matters involving children, we are available to help.

Domestic Abuse

RS Solicitors help anyone who wants advice about domestic abuse. We recognize that damage done by violent and abusive behavior is visible and invisible. Bruises and cuts may mend, but damage to self-esteem, confidence and inner strength can be devastating to you and your children. If you or another loved one is in danger, do something before it is too late. Domestic abuse kills. If you believe you need an injunction or an occupation order come and see us, we will advise you on how to get one. On the other hand if you are wrongly being accused of causing abuse or kept out of your house unfairly we can help. Both Men and women suffer abuse, and both genders are legally protected. It is very common to suffer from such abuse so don't be shy about finding out about your rights to protection, whatever your gender.